Creator Gods – Energy Treatments

On November 23rd, I learned that all of my Guides stepped aside and the Creator God Gilc  (pronounced Gil) returned to perform energy treatments.  He first appeared to me in September 2017 where he performed energy treatments which were quite profound. He is a Creator God from a Universe other than our own.  Our Universe has two Creator Gods, or Horus and Eglic.

This time Creator God Gilc is accompanied by two Creator Gods that I have now just learned of their existence.  They are Creator God Tredl and Creator God Licen. They each come from two separate Universes.  The list below summarizes the names of the Creator Gods and the names of their respective Universes…

  • Creator Gods Horus and Eglic hail from Nifecin (our Universe)
  • Creator God Gilc hails from Viqecegol
  • Creator God Tredl hails from Nigoble
  • Creator God Licen hails from Migebidk

I’m uncertain as to what these energy treatments are for as I am unable to channel clear messages from any of them.  Time will tell….

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