How Soon is Soon?

Mike Quinsey recently share a post referencing Michael Love’s August 2016 channeling of Archangel Michael – Final Phase of Human 5D Ascension. This channeled message speaks of ascension and not unlike many others, make references to when events are expected to occur.  But their references are vague and rarely rarely specify when we can expect them to occur. We often told they to occur imminently or shortly and leave us with the feeling that we should expect them to occur soon.  For example…

Now you will see your words become manifest before all, and you will be standing here strong and ready to assist through it all. This is what you have been training for and many will seek your guidance and help as things unfold, and we applaud you for this great work. A stronger and larger state of coherence is forming all across the globe, and complete freedom is about to break out across the entire world. A return to what is natural for the soul will soon be the normal on planet Earth, as the system here continues to change. These great changes include all aspects of life, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual and they affect our relationship, work situations and the abundance that flows to us.

…note the word soon.  So how soon is soon? When can we expect the “return to what is natural” to happen? The text mentions that they are “great changes” and indeed they are when you consider the aspects they cover. To achieve a new state of what is natural won’t happen overnight, nor will it happen in a decade. No, it will fully manifest on or around the year 2060, a full four decades out.

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