How Many Star Seeds Are there?

According to my Guides, there is a grand total of 8,800 Star Seeds presently on Planet Earth.    Here is a breakdown of where they are to be found…

North America = 2,525 – Canada = 450; USA = 2000; Central America=175

Australia= 275

South America = 1600

Africa= 1400




Star Seeds tend to be located near Vortices.  For example in Ottawa, Canada, the city where I live, there are about 225 Star Seeds, since there is a vortex on Algonquin lands, an island just downstream from the Chaudiere Falls on the Ottawa River. Ottawa alone accounts for about half of the Star Seeds in Canada.

In the USA, the majority are located in the Western part of the country.  For example in Sedona, Arizona, there are almost 130 Star Seeds.  That number is quite high considering the population of Sedona.

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  1. im in a search for starseeds near me, i greatly believe i am a starseed, and my 1 friend too. im wondering how many are approximately in England alone? from your information i have calculated there would be around 28 or more, but do you have a more precise answer?

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