Bloodstone has a stimulating effect on the immune system and balances it when its overactive. It is a powerful detoxifier. It increases your vitality and resistance to disease by cleansing the blood and lymph to remove toxins. It also helps with healing hereditary conditions carried by the subtle DNA.

Bloodstone can instil courage, live in the present, and reduces irritability, impatience and aggressiveness. It reduces mental confusion and mental alertness, and strengthens your ability to make decisions. Its good for maintaining your mental stability and enables you to focus on solutions rather than the problem.

It will enhance your intuition and help you to follow the voice of your spirit. It will greatly help with incorporating spirituality into the everyday world and to express your inner self through creativity.

It is a grounding and protective stone, drawing off negative energy away from your environment and create a barrier against undesirable influences. It is good for promoting circulation and assists with detoxification.

It’s beneficial for the Heart chakra.

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