Crystal Energy Healing


Welcome to Crystal Energy Healing.  I’m grateful that you’ve dropped by for a visit. Here you will gain insights into how crystals work to heal negative emotions and prevent and even heal illnesses and diseases.  In December 2016, my guides began responding directly to me and I learned from them that I was to become a healer. One thing and another led me to do investigate crystals and soon thereafter I began doing crystal energy healing work.

The key to your emotional and physical wellbeing is through the chakras.  Chakras need to be open and balanced for you to be healthy both on an emotional plane and a physical plane. Ninety percent of the general population’s chakras are not fully open.  That means they have emotional and mental issues that need to be addressed and resolved.  Why is this important? Because unresolved emotional and mental issues can eventually lead to physical dysfunctions, illnesses and disease. Opening all of the chakras lets energy flow freely allowing those emotional and mental issues to melt away.  Not only will crystal energy healing prevent illness, someone stricken with a life threatening disease can be healed as well.

Crystal energy work is not just for people who are ill. It’s for anyone who is concerned about their wellbeing. Balanced and fully open chakras will lead to a better quality of live from both a physiological and psychological perspective. As an individual, you will be able to reach your full potential from both an emotional and physical state of being.