Healing Services

How Do I work with Crystals?

I facilitate healing with a set of 12 crystals. To do so, I work closely with my Guides. I start by assessing your Chakras. My guides tell me which ones are not open and specifically how open they are. I will identify for you which of the emotional and mental issues are not balanced and the physical dysfunctions that would be at risk of manifesting if those chakras are not fully opened. I identify the crystals that are specifically relevant to you and produce a specific set of intentions for those crystals. Next is the treatment. By simply holding these crystals in your right hand for six minutes a week for three months and stating your intentions, your closed chakras will eventually fully open.

After several weeks of treatments, I can reassess your chakras to see what progress you’ve made (I don’t charge for any follow up assessments). By then, you will start to feel improvements that were identified as emotional and mental issues for you. After three months, I will reassess to see whether you need to continue on a weekly basis. Eventually, you may only need to repeat the treatment once a month on an ongoing basis in order to keep all of your chakras fully open, putting you on the path of enjoying a better quality of life.


If you wish to pursue a Crystal Energy Healing you may do so for $300 USD.

Included are all of the services described above*.  I can only accept payment through Paypal. I can facilitate a crystal healing with anyone living anywhere in the world since it does not require us to meet face to face.

*It is the responsibility of the client however to purchase the crystals that were identified as relevant to you.  They are quite inexpensive ranging from $1 to $5 per crystal.