Green Aventurine

This stone is effective at guarding the body against infection. It has a stabilizing effect on blood pressure and stimulates the metabolism. It is good for lowering cholesterol; encouraging regeneration of the heart; and is beneficial for many skin conditions. It can be used to treat headaches or migraines.

It’s good for stabilizing the emotions and calms anger or irritation. It helps you to connect to other people’s feelings and inspires compassion. It will also alleviate deeply buried fears.

It will stabilize the mind; heighten your perceptions; stimulate creativity; and bring about positive attitudes towards life. It instils decisiveness, encourages perseverance and brings out innate leadership qualities.

It is protective of the subtle bodies that house the spirit, is a useful protector against negative energy and can diffuse potentially stressful situations.

It’s beneficial for the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras.

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