Orange Carnelian

This crystal has a powerful grounding effect which anchors you into your body and heals physical abuse. It will restore vitality; fine tune your physical body; heighten your libido, making you more interested in sexual activity; and induces creativity on all levels.

It will also help remove the fear of death, give you courage and promotes an acceptance of the cycles of life. It will dispel apathy, lift depression, and encourages you to trust yourself and your own perceptions. It will protect you against rage, envy or resentment; banish negative emotional states, quietening anger and inducing a love of life.

It will clarify your perceptions, sharpen your concentration and help you express your spirit. It is a particularly powerful attractor of abundance at all levels, creating good vibrations, creativity or fertility if it needs stimulating.

It’s beneficial for the Throat, Third Eye and Crown chakras.

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