Prophecy Rock

Near Oraibi, Arizona, there is a petroglyph known as Prophecy Rock which symbolizes many Hopi prophecies. What follows is my interpretation of Prophecy Rock based on the information I channelled through my Guides.

Lower Left

The lower left of this image depicts an oblong shape, a figure of an individual touching a line and circle to the right of the line with a cross in close proximity to the circle.  When interpreting the meaning of these drawings, they are to be interpreted as a group with the exception of the cross which I will explain why later in this text.

The being on the lower left holding an object in his right hand and touching the line with his left hand depicts Creator God Lycen.  He is a Creator God responsible for an entirely different Universe than our own.  But at this level of creation, though responsible for creating their own Universe, Creator Gods will collaborate with creation projects in adjacent universes.  In this case Creator God Lycen collaborated with the 9th Dimensional Pleiadeans who are depicted by the circle to the right of the line.  This circle in fact represents a celestial body in which the 9th Dimensional beings have incarnated as a collective. In fact, there are 2,293 incarnations that make up this collective.

The oblong shape to the left of Creator God Lycen is a spacecraft which represents the 5th Dimensional Pleiadeans.  Any actual contact between the Hopi and the Pleiadeans would have been with them. The reason is that the Hopi incarnated on Lemuria as 5th Dimensional beings. This is how they began their existence on Earth, at the 5th Density and so were able to interact with the 5th Dimensional Pleiadeans being of the same vibrational frequency.

The line Creator God Lycen is touching and the bottom line running all the way to the right is the Hopi Life-plan, the path which the Hopi follow. The point on the line that the Creator God Lycen is touching represents the point in time the Hopi were created on earth in Lemuria around 340,000 BC.

The Pleiadeans set up a colony on planet earth and it was from their DNA the Hopi were created.  Many other Star Nations did a similar thing back then.  Today, all Hopi are of Pleiadean origin prior to incarnating.   It is through the 9th Dimensional Pleiadeans that Creator God Lycen still to this day together coordinate the Hopi Life-plan.

The Fourth World

The Fourth World is represented by the two rectangles that are sitting side by side to each other.  This is the world that we are currently in now.  The first vertical line in the first rectangle is the year 18,000 BC and represents the arrival of the Hopi to Turtle Island (North America).  The second vertical line is the year 1607 and represents the arrival of the first permanent European settlements to Turtle Island.  The third vertical line represents the end of the Fourth World and to its immediate right, the beginning of the Fifth World (the exact date of which is available in my book, Ascension Prophecies).

First Rectangle

As we move up the line Creator God Lycen is touching we come to the first rectangle in the drawing. The first vertical line represents the beginning of the Fourth World and the final crumbling of Atlantis and Lemuria around 18,000 BC and speaks to the migration of the Hopi people to Turtle Island (North America) from Lemuria. The second vertical line represents the arrival of the first European settlements on Turtle Island around 1607.

The cross below this rectangle symbolizes the arrival of Christianity.  If you were to draw a perpendicular from the Hopi Life-plan line down to the tip of the cross, the point at which it would touch the Hopi Life-plan line would be slightly before the second vertical line.  This represents year 1 AD or the manifestation of Jesus Christ on the plan, and the subsequent genesis of Christianity.  Naturally, the newly arrived settlers to Turtle Island brought Christian based religions with them.

As a side note, about 150,000 years ago there was a polar shift on the planet.  Earth’s poles inverted, and the shift occurred on a vertical axis, sort of end over end, where all the while the planet continued its rotation.  This whole pole shift process took about 122 years to complete.  At the completion of the pole shift, the earth changed the direction of its rotation. This took 24 hours to fully complete this directional change.  Over the next 130,000 years there were major continental shifts on the planet.  Lemuria completely sank by 18,000 BC and Atlantis completely sank by about 15,000 BC.

Second Rectangle

This rectangle speaks to the arrival of the first European settlements (first line of the rectangle is 1607 AD) up to the third vertical line or the other end of this rectangle which represents the year of Ascension or the end of the Fourth World and the beginning of the Fifth World or the 5th Dimension (the exact date of which is available in my book, Ascension Prophecies).

The first two circles on the bottom line represent significantly oppressive events towards the Hopi by the USA government. Both occurred during the 19th century.  The first circle speaks to the wars the Hopi fought against the USA government when the cavalry fought to seize control of the territory the Hopi were living in.  The second circle speaks to the creation of the Hopi reservation which also included harsh sanctions imposed upon them such as restricting certain cultural practices that became punishable by law.

The line above has three drawings of individuals.  This line depicts Western values of individualism and capitalism.  Rather than having a single line for a body, they have two.  One side of the body represents Light and the other side represents Dark.  They have been referred to by others as having two hearts.  These individuals are living in extreme separation or duality in the 3rd Density, which in comparison to the Hopi recognize that they are not separate from each other, and would be represented by a single line representing Light.

The Fifth World or Ascension

The last vertical line represents the end of the Fourth World and the commencement of the Fifth World or the 5th Dimension.  Where in the Fourth World there was Light and Dark, in the Fifth World there is only Light.  The figure on the top, jagged line has just one line depicting this new way of being.  No longer is there Dark and so the individuals on this side have but one line representing Light.

There are significant differences between the line above and the horizontal line below.  The line above is the path those who chose to continue to follow and resonates at the 3rd Density or at a lower frequency.  This is a turning point.  To chose the Hopi way is to follow the lower line of the Hopi Life-plan.

The fourth individual on the top line looks as though he is splitting apart.  This speaks to a decision point that all humans living on the planet must make, that is, whether to remain in the 3rd Dimension or to ascend to the 5th Dimension, which is why there appears to be two heads for this last figure.  Choosing to continue on the 3D path means that the journey will be difficult and there is definitely an end in sight. The future is not bright for individuals choosing this path (more detailed information on what is to come is available in my book, Ascension Prophecies).

The third half circle in the fifth world represents a partial removal or an easing of persecutions in general that were imposed onto the Hopi by the USA government, such as the removal of the Reservation.  Life in the early stages of the Fifth World is leading to a better way of life. The corn to the right of the half circle represents a return to prosperity for the Hopi and for the world as a whole as time evolves.

The figure to the right of the corn represents the establishment of contact with the 5th Dimensional Pleiadeans.  This whole section speaks to the Ascension process and the long line indicates that this will be the way of life for a very long time, or tens of thousands of years.