Rose Quartz

This crystal purifies and opens the heart. It heals grief, restores trust and harmony, assists with accepting necessary change and helps you to appreciate the beauty all around you. It restores an emotional balance and a loving vibe; releases unexpressed emotions; dissolves old emotional condition and outworn attitudes. It enhances the belief that you have the right to love and happiness and teaches you how to love yourself. Its effective in attracting love and restores confidence and negates and false pride.

It promotes fertility, induces mental clarity and deep calm and is useful for mentally centring yourself by bringing instant tranquility to your mind. This crystal increases your ability to express yourself clearly and encourages creativity.

It cleanses, purifies and re-energizes the chakras and the etheric body; and helps you to recognize yourself as a divine, spiritual being. It also assists you to reconnect to the love that emanates throughout the whole universe bringing along with it dee spiritual peace.

It’s beneficial for the Heart and Throat chakras.

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