My Book – Ascension Prophecies

Reports are in about five major UFO sightings in London, Ottawa, Washington, Tokyo and Canberra.  The Media is all over it.  Social media is bursting with smart phone videos.  People are dialoguing about what some witnessed first-hand on the Internet. Never has a topic gone viral as this one.  The sheer size of these spacecraft is beyond description. They are larger than anything anyone has ever witnessed. Who are they? Why did they come in such an impressive ship? What do they want? Have they come here to harm us or help us? These are questions that Humanity will want to know right away.

Ascension Prophecies tells all! It’s about knowing what’s to come and provides reassurances that the coming of ETs are for the ultimate good of Humanity.   It delves into who will ultimately disclose that UFOs really exist and the eventual meetings that will take place when First Contact is made between Humanity and our new extraterrestrial friends.  What will be the public reaction to the Major UFO sighting and First Contact?  This is what this book describes the eventual interactions we will have with them.  There won’t be widespread panic.  Some would like us to think this would happen.  It may sound like a conspiracy theory, but some of our governments have known and interacted with them since WWII.

What effect will this have on some of our major institutions? What role with the UN play? What will be the effect on major world religions? Can we expect any repercussions on our economy? Some of this, and more, is revealed in this book.

We are in an unprecedented time in Human history. This book tells the story of how humanity is saving itself from itself.  The ETs aren’t here to rescue us; they are here to welcome us into their Federation.  It’s not bad news that they are here; it is good news for all of us.  They are going to share technologies with us that will eliminate poverty on our planet.  The predictions made about the apocalypse are off the table.  We are entering into a Golden Age and the book Ascension Prophecies provides some glimpses as to how the wonderful future that is ahead of us will manifest.

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  1. dear Claude I would love to get your book ,but I live in Spain .do you have this book for sale over here or can I order it direct from you ,,,many thanks Gayna

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