Why are there Star Seeds?

There are reasons as to why there are Star Seeds, and my Guides had the following to share with me….

Star Seeds are first and foremost healers.  In the case of planet Earth, they were sent to assist with its Ascension to the 5th density.  They operationalize the Ascension process  from below whereas we oversee its overall planning and implementation from above.  Star Seeds hold up the Light for others to see. Those who wish to acknowledge the Light are Light Workers.  They follow the path of spirituality toward Ascension.


The changes on the planet must come from within and not without. Higher entities such as ourselves are not permitted to interfere or direct in any way activities that would lead to a certain outcome.  We may facilitate, but the operationaliztion can only happen or be carried out by a human incarnation. Our role is to provide divine, inspirationand advice. To do otherwise would be a contravention of the code.


The human Star Seed discovers his/her abilities over time. They are revealed when they awaken to learn of their true purpose, how they are to serve. Star Seeds have varying abilities, no two are exactly the same in terms of what they set out to do or how they serve.  Some may reach a relatively small number of individuals while others are destined to reach a larger proportion of Earth’s population.  Many who have been called into service are not aware that they are Star Seeds.  They carry out many great deeds.  As the planet and Humanity’s vibration increases, it will become increasingly aware that they are Star Seeds.  Their dialogue with their Guides will improve and as it becomes better understood what Star Seeds came here to do, they will realize who and what they are.  Then when they make the connection, they will be able to seek out more information from their Guides as to other ways, if any, in which they may serve Humanity during this Ascension process.  For the process will be long and there will be much work to be done over the next 100 years when the Ascension process is expected to be complete.

I asked if an individual knew he/she was a Star Seed today, would this accelerate the Ascension process?

Well in some manner it would since they could undertake steps to discover their abilities should they so desire.  There is always the question of Free Will.  A Star Seed always has the option of bowing in or out.

What Should an individual do upon their discovery that they are a Star Seed.

There really is nothing that they need to do, but if an individual discovers they are a Star Seed and desires to pursue this avenue, this will send a message to their Guides of their interest to do so.  A dialogue between they and their Guides can now take place, for if they do not request any information, it will not be directly offered up to them.

Thank you Guides for sharing this information.

It is our pleasure to do so, and we look forward to the evolution towards Ascension and the ways and means that Humanity will take to make it possible.

How Many Star Seeds Are there?

According to my Guides, there is a grand total of 8,800 Star Seeds presently on Planet Earth.    Here is a breakdown of where they are to be found…

North America = 2,525 – Canada = 450; USA = 2000; Central America=175

Australia= 275

South America = 1600

Africa= 1400




Star Seeds tend to be located near Vortices.  For example in Ottawa, Canada, the city where I live, there are about 225 Star Seeds, since there is a vortex on Algonquin lands, an island just downstream from the Chaudiere Falls on the Ottawa River. Ottawa alone accounts for about half of the Star Seeds in Canada.

In the USA, the majority are located in the Western part of the country.  For example in Sedona, Arizona, there are almost 130 Star Seeds.  That number is quite high considering the population of Sedona.

Creator Gods – Energy Treatments

On November 23rd, I learned that all of my Guides stepped aside and the Creator God Gilc  (pronounced Gil) returned to perform energy treatments.  He first appeared to me in September 2017 where he performed energy treatments which were quite profound. He is a Creator God from a Universe other than our own.  Our Universe has two Creator Gods, or Horus and Eglic.

This time Creator God Gilc is accompanied by two Creator Gods that I have now just learned of their existence.  They are Creator God Tredl and Creator God Licen. They each come from two separate Universes.  The list below summarizes the names of the Creator Gods and the names of their respective Universes…

  • Creator Gods Horus and Eglic hail from Nifecin (our Universe)
  • Creator God Gilc hails from Viqecegol
  • Creator God Tredl hails from Nigoble
  • Creator God Licen hails from Migebidk

I’m uncertain as to what these energy treatments are for as I am unable to channel clear messages from any of them.  Time will tell….

How Soon is Soon?

Mike Quinsey recently share a post referencing Michael Love’s August 2016 channeling of Archangel Michael – Final Phase of Human 5D Ascension. This channeled message speaks of ascension and not unlike many others, make references to when events are expected to occur.  But their references are vague and rarely rarely specify when we can expect them to occur. We often told they to occur imminently or shortly and leave us with the feeling that we should expect them to occur soon.  For example…

Now you will see your words become manifest before all, and you will be standing here strong and ready to assist through it all. This is what you have been training for and many will seek your guidance and help as things unfold, and we applaud you for this great work. A stronger and larger state of coherence is forming all across the globe, and complete freedom is about to break out across the entire world. A return to what is natural for the soul will soon be the normal on planet Earth, as the system here continues to change. These great changes include all aspects of life, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual and they affect our relationship, work situations and the abundance that flows to us.

…note the word soon.  So how soon is soon? When can we expect the “return to what is natural” to happen? The text mentions that they are “great changes” and indeed they are when you consider the aspects they cover. To achieve a new state of what is natural won’t happen overnight, nor will it happen in a decade. No, it will fully manifest on or around the year 2060, a full four decades out.